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Find Random Pokemon Spawns In Pokemon Go

Green leaves that flutter about in parks and other areas make it extremely difficult for Pokemon Go players to make out if a Pokemon is really hiding there or not. Online discussions how to play and support groups suggest that these fluttering leaves could mean Pokemon spawn points and if you happen to spend considerable

Pokemon Go – The Future Of Gaming?

Gone are the days when one sat glued to the TV monitor with a joystick in our hands, which controlled the animated characters on the screen. One might recall with nostalgia games such as Mario Bros which were an inevitable part of our childhoods. Computer games have come a long way since then. As with

Pokemon Go – What Is The Fuss About?

There used to be innocent times when all you saw on your social media network were happy smiling pictures and delicious food cooked. Now, it is all about The ultimate hack Pokemon Go. Who is a Pokemon? It is a cute cuddly fantasy creature that has to be captured. They are turned into prisoners and

Defeat an enemy gym

To defeat an enemy gym, you have to fight the rival gyms Pokémon’s with yours. You should only do this if your Pokémon’s are of higher level than the rival ones. Defeating one Pokémondoes not ensure ownership of gym. Once you bring down the XP of the gym to zero by matches, then the player